Obtain the Legal Assistance You Require

The term family law can be somewhat confusing.  It is an area in the legal profession that affects a growing number of people.  While the process may seem simple and uncomplicated at first, family law involves extremely personal, sensitive issues.  Many individuals hope to resolve their matters quickly and efficiently, without the high levels of stress that can often times accompany these issues.  However, the other party may have other plans.

It is certainly possible to file for divorce (or other family law matters) without an attorney.  The question is whether it is prudent.  An unrepresented individual may be at a serious disadvantage without adequate legal representation.

Matt Brimley has been practicing law for many years. He is experienced and knowledgeable in the area of family law. Matt strongly believes it is important to consult with a well-respected, knowledgeable and experienced attorney when faced with a divorce or any other family law issue.  Obtain the necessary information regarding legal representation, whether it is from Kyle or another knowledgeable attorney.

Have a Plan and Execute It

A number of reasons exist for retaining an attorney, which include protecting an individual’s rights and interests throughout the divorce (or other family law) process.  For example:

  • You may not be familiar with Utah law, or may not know the best way to argue the law.  An example is child custody: there is a legal standard and factors which are required to be considered by a court when making a determination about custody of a child.  An experienced family law attorney has an advantage over an unrepresented individual in that regard.
  • You may not know what you are entitled to, or what to request.  An example is alimony (aka spousal maintenance).  Again, Utah has rules and laws which govern whether an individual is legally entitled to spousal maintenance.
  • What if you have reached an agreement, but the other party is not sticking to the terms of your agreement?  Will you know how to make your agreement legally enforceable?  Or if the agreement is legally enforceable, do you know how to enforce the agreement, or require the other party to carry out the terms of the agreement?

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can take a lot of the guess work, stress and frustration out of the divorce process.  An attorney can assist you with obtaining the facts, pursuing your goals, managing your expectations, and ultimately obtaining a result that is palpable for all individuals involved.

Protect Yourself and Your Rights

If the other party involved in your case is represented by counsel, there is even more reason to hire an attorney to assist in the litigation of your case.

The ethical rules prevent an attorney hired by one party from represented the other “adverse” party as well.  The attorney on the other side may seem very helpful, nice and friendly, and dedicated to making sure a full and fair settlement is reached.  However, keep in mind that the attorney represents the other party, and it is their duty to represent and advocate for the other party.  They would not properly be doing their job otherwise!  That attorney cannot legally advise you regarding your rights, and whether you are giving up what you are legally entitled to.

Matt Brimley is a family law attorney with HOWARD LEWIS & PETERSEN, PC located at 120 E. 300 N., Provo, Utah.  Call today to meet with him to discuss your case!