What Happens at Grandma’s…

What happens at grandma’s (or grandpa’s) stays at grandma’s. This is a rite of passage for grandparents who revel in spoiling their grandchildren and returning them to their children to deal with the day-to-day parenting issues. But what if grandma or grandpa are unable to see the grandchild(ren) for one reason or another?

Grandparent visitation and grandparents’ rights is an issue which has received an increasing amount of attention in recent years, both in the courts and in the media. If this is an issue which is affecting you and your family, you can feel comfortable knowing that Attorney Matthew Brimley and his knowledgeable staff have have years of experience and are well qualified to handle matters involving grandparents’ rights. Call our office BRIMLEY FAMILY LAW, LLC to schedule a consultation today to discuss your rights.

Utah Helps Grandparents Seeking Visitation

Utah is one of several states which actually have laws relating to grandparents gaining legal visitation rights with respect to their grandchildren. There are certain requirements which must be met before a grandparent may petition the court for visitation rights, and there are limitations on those rights. The laws define the criteria for grandparents to petition to the court to gain visitation with their grandchildren. A knowledgeable grandparents’ rights attorney, such as Mr. Brimley will be able to advise you if you have a case.

This is an ever evolving area of the law with new developments occurring on a regular basis. Mr. Brimley is up to date on the latest developments and current trends with the laws affecting grandparents’ rights in Utah and he would be happy to advise you with your matter.

Grandparents Who Raise Their Grandchildren May Pursue Legal Custody

Occasionally, a grandparent has stepped in on a temporary or more permanent basis to raise their grandchild(ren) because the parents are absent, unavailable, or unable to care for the child(ren) for one reason or another. Whether on a temporary or permanent basis, there are certain legalities or issues which may come up during this time which may need to be addressed. Do grandma and grandpa have the authority to authorize medical treatment? Can grandma and grandpa enroll the child(ren) in school? Can grandma and grandpa obtain medical insurance coverage for the child(ren)?

What happens if the parents who have been absent or unable to care for the child(ren) suddenly reappear and want to become a part of the child(ren)’s lives again? But what if the parents are not exactly the best influence or cannot provide a stable, safe and loving environment for the child(ren)?

In this situation, a grandparent who has been acting as a parent would not be requesting grandparent visitation, but would actually be requesting legal custody (legal decision-making) of the grandchildren. Mr. Brimley has been practicing family law for many years and has experience in all types of family law related issues, including assisting grandparents to obtain custody (legal decision-making) of their grandchildren. Contact BRIMLEY FAMILY LAW, LLC to speak with Matthew Brimley to learn more about your rights.