mediation-150x150Resolving Divorces in Utah

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and trying times in a person’s life. The end of a marriage can be quite painful, and adding contentious litigation is like rubbing salt into an open wound. In a perfect world, the parties would divide up their property, share the child(ren), agree on any support figures, shake hands and walk away with the ability to maintain some semblance of a relationship – even if only for the sake of the child(ren). In the real world, it is not that simple, and not that easy.

One way of making the process a little more bearable and slightly less costly is to participate in mediation. Mediation is a process where the parties meet with a mutually selected impartial third party who assists them with the negotiation of their issues and differences. The mediator acts as a communicator, attempting to bring the parties together toward the common goal of settlement.

Matthew Brimley has many years of practice and a great deal of experience with mediation. Mr. Brimley has been on both sides of the mediation – both by assisting clients to prepare for mediation, representing clients during a mediation, and as acting as a mediator. Contact our office BRIMLEY FAMILY LAW, LLC to set a consultation to discuss mediation as an option today.

Bad Judge?  Mediation is an Option

Some couples are committed to resolving their dissolution without setting foot in the court room. They prefer to try to remain as “friendly” and amicable as possible. However, they may not know their rights or the process or how to fill out the proper paperwork. Some people may start out without the intention of involving third parties but soon become overwhelmed. Still, some remain dead set against going to court. In these situations, it may be appropriate to consider mediation. The mediator does not represent either spouse, but remains neutral and assists both parties.

Be Informed and Advised Before Your Mediation

Mediation may seem like the answer, but divorcing individuals need to be cautious and informed. It is particularly important for a spouse who has been emotionally abused or kept “in the dark” to meet with an attorney prior to mediation or even go into mediation represented by counsel. Although mediation is a less formal atmosphere than the courtroom, recorded or signed agreements reached during mediation are usually binding and final. It is important to know your rights and to be comfortable with any agreement made during the session. If you are hesitant or feel pressured to sign an agreement, or if you feel uninformed and decide to sign just to “get it over with”, chances are you will eventually be unhappy with the results. It is better to go into the mediation fully informed of what you are entitled to, or with an advocate who knows your rights and can effectively negotiate for you.

Mediation is Not the Only Way to Settle Amicably

Mediation is not the only settlement option. With the help of an experienced attorney, settlement can be achieved through various alternative methods including settlement offers, informal settlement meetings, or use of the court’s various settlement services. Mr. Brimley’s years of practice have resulted in numerous successful settlements and countless happy and satisfied clients. Whether mediation is your desired methodology, or another form of settlement, Mr. Brimley can certainly help you to reach your ultimate goals in your matter.

Put Mr. Brimley’s Experience and Knowledge to Work for You

Matthew Brimley has a vast knowledge and a plethora of experience in the area of family law. He has assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining settlements. Put his experience and knowledge to work for you. Contact our office BRIMLEY FAMILY LAW, LLC at (801) 375-1100 to schedule a consultation to see how Mr. Brimley can help you achieve your goals today.