i-interstatefamilylawcasesAre Court Orders Enforceable Even After Crossing the Interstate Border?

Relocating to a different state, but having a court order from Utah can cause some unusual issues. If the relocation is to a state within close proximity, and if one parent and the children remain in Utah, the issues will not be significant. The issue becomes more complex when both parties relocate or if only one party relocates takes the child(ren) with her out of state.

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Full Faith and Credit Across State Lines

When a family law court in Utah issues an order for child support, spousal maintenance, or even a Parenting Plan or Decree of Dissolution, those orders are issued and enforceable under state law, which differ from state to state. However due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution, most state-court orders will be recognized and enforced by each and every other state. Depending on each individual’s circumstances, there are certain steps and procedures which must be taken in order to ensure that the our-of-state court order is recognized and followed by the court in the new state.

Mr. Brimley is familiar with the steps and procedures that are necessary for making sure any out of state orders are enforceable, or for ensuring that your Utah order remains enforceable upon relocation. Mr. Brimley can assist you with the necessary steps. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Parenting Issues From a Distance

When a parent has moved out of state, either with or without the child, leaving the other parent behind in Utah, an issue arises regarding parenting time and parenting responsibilities. Parenting across state lines can be a challenging prospect, and developing a co-parenting relationship and a parenting plan that works for the parents and the child can be quite a task.

Mr. Brimley has encountered situations such as this during his numerous years as a family law attorney. His experience and knowledge allow him a unique opportunity to assist clients to come up with unique and creative solutions which maximize all of the parties’ best interest. Contact our office BRIMLEY FAMILY LAW, LLC at (801) 375-1100 today to learn more about your options.