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Domestic violence is a very serious issue. It is also a very emotional issue. People who have been abused may be living in fear of their abusers and may be hesitant to come forward, while people who have been accused face very serious consequences for their behavior.

Brimley domestic violence lawyer Matt Brimley has over 22 years of experience handling divorce and other family law cases, including cases involving domestic violence. Mr. Brimley has a level of knowledge, sophistication and experience as well as sensitivity and compassion that allow him to represent either side of the dispute. Mr. Brimley’s years of experience provide him the know how to approach these cases and act quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of his clients. If you or someone you know has been abused, or has been accused of abuse, contact the office to set up a consultation to discuss your rights today.

Protections Orders and Injunctions Against Harassment

If you or your children have been abused or threatened by your spouse, a relative, or someone living in your household and you feel you are in danger, you can pursue a restraining order called an “order of protection.” A special relationship is required in order to obtain an order of protection through the court. If the court makes findings to issue the order of protection, the order can be issued instantaneously. The order of protection does not become effective until it is served upon the defendant. The accused does have the right to request a hearing (and be represented by an attorney at that hearing), to determine whether the protective order should remain in place.

If a special relationship does not exist but an individual is being harassed, a person can request an injunction against harassment. Different rules and standards apply, but the injunction must also be served, and the accused is also entitled to a hearing in order for the order to be upheld.

Mr. Brimley has years of experience advising clients who are seeking protective orders. He also has significant experience representing and advising clients who have been accused of harassment or domestic violence, assisting them in requesting hearings and protecting their rights.

Allegations of Abuse Have Serious Impact on Cases Involving Children

Domestic violence is an issue which often comes up during family law cases, whether due to anger, spite, or as a reality of the family situation. Allegations of domestic violence are one of the factors that can have a serious and lasting impact on the outcome of a case, particularly in the area of legal decision-making and parenting time. Individuals need to be very aware of these serious implications when making allegations of abuse in a family law case.

Mr. Brimley can help clients to understand the importance of coming forward to protect themselves from their abusers while moving forward with their family law case. He can also assist clients who have been wrongly accused of abuse to aggressively defend themselves and understand the options available in responding to those allegations.

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No matter the circumstances involved in your case, North Brimley divorce and family lawyer Matt Brimley has the knowledge, experience, sensitivity and compassion to assist you with your case. He is ready and willing to discuss your rights and options regarding obtaining an order of protection or injunction against harassment, or requesting a hearing to quash an order obtained against you. Contact our North Brimley office today to schedule a consultation today to speak with Mr. Brimley and see how he can assist you.